Minhyang Mia Suh, Ph.D.


UX Researcher | HCI Researcher
Currently @ Google

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I am a User Experience (UX) Researcher at Google. I explore how consumers perceive ads and how to make their experience better.

I am a mixed methods researcher and my research interests are broad and include : human-computer interaction, computer-mediated-communication, social computing, trust, engagement, literacy, and accessibility.

Prior to Google, I earned my PhD from the department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington, where I explored how time could be leveraged as a tailoring strategy for technology design. During my PhD program, I completed internships with HP, Yahoo and Google. I hold a MA in Communication and a BA in English Language and Literature both from Seoul National University in Korea.

I use this website to share my past research and to highlight things and thoughts that I personally find interesting at the moment.

Selected Research Areas & Publications

Tailoring Design to Increase User Engagement

Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Gary Hsieh (2016). Designing for Future Behaviors: The Effect of Temporal Distance on Planned Behaviors, CHI 2016 [PDF]

Shih-Wen Huang, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Benjamin Mako Hill, & Gary Hsieh (2015). How Activists are Both Born and Made: An Analysis of Users on Change.org, CHI 2015 [PDF]

Nurturing Collaboration and Social Connection

Minhyang (Mia) Suh Emily Youngblom, Michael Terry, and Carrie J. Cai. 2021. AI as Social Glue: Uncovering the Roles of Deep Generative AI during Social Music Composition. CHI 2021 Honorable Mention (Top 5%)

Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Tae Soo Kim, Irina Smoke, Sangwha Sien, Janet Ng, Mark Zachry, and Juho Kim (2019). Design for Collaborative Information-Seeking: Understanding User Challenges and Deploying Collaborative Dynamic Queries, CSCW 2019 [PDF]

Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Frank Bentley, Danielle Lottridge (2018). “It’s Kind of Boring Looking at Just the Face”: How Teens Multitask During Mobile Videochat, CSCW 2018 [PDF]

Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Nathalie Henry Riche, Jooyoung Lee, Juho Kim, & Mark Zachry. (2018). Collaborative Dynamic Queries: Supporting Distributed Small Group Decision-making, CHI 2018 [PDF] 

Making Information More Accessible and Useful

Minhyang (Mia) Suh & Gary Hsieh (2018). “The “Had Mores”: Exploring Korean Immigrants’ Information Behavior and ICTs Usage when Settling in the United States”, JASIST 2018 [PDF]

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